What will Elon Musk’s Neuralink chip do to your brain? Will Neural link make you smarter?

What will Elon Musk's Neuralink chip do to your brain? Will Neural link make you smarter?

Are you ready to boost your brain capabilities with an AI chip from Elon Musk?

How often have you thought of eating all your notes so you can memorize them or how many times have you wished you could read others or take a photo from your eyes?

Thanks to Elon Musk some of these childhood wishes might come to life for this you will only need a small brain chip.

What is this AI chip?

It can be introduced as a brain-computer interface or a BCI. BCI can create both internal and external brain connections they’re able to read brain activity convert it into information and then relay that information back to the brain or outside.

BCI can be classified as either Invasive or Non-Invasive.

Invasive BCI link microscopic electrodes to neurons to track their activity. Invasive BCI can be implanted in different parts of the brain and they can capture more deep signals Neuralink and other invasive BCI needs to be implanted in the brain via surgery. Which also involves using High Precision surgery robots to attach the electrodes to the neurons correctly.

What will Neuralink do to your brain?

What will Elon Musk's Neuralink chip do to your brain? Will Neural link make you smarter?

In July 2016 musk established Neurolink Corp to develop ultra-high bandwidth brain-machine interfaces to connect humans and computers. In 2017 the business stated that its primary objective was to develop brain interfaces to lessen the symptoms of long-term medical issues.

Musk regularly expressed concern that the rapid development of artificial intelligence poses an existential risk to humanity. He said that a brain chip might resolve the issue but he continued by saying that it also aimed to assist you in safeguarding and improving your brain and forging a future that was in line with your goals.

Neuralink has ensured that computer intelligence will augment human talents within the next 10 years. So people will be able to create a completely new version of themselves thanks to technology. It even implies that people who are not among the top one percent can integrate into this new Society. A fine-tuned surgical robot will place this coin-sized Neural link device inside the brain it connects a thousand tiny strands from the link to specific neurons these threads have a diameter of one-fourth of that of human hair. The chip uses Bluetooth to connect to an external computer for constant back-and-forth communication.

Benefits of these AI Chips

  • In the future these AI chips May benefit people with a range of neurological conditions.
  • when there’s a breakdown or connection between the brain and the body’s nerves. This includes those who have epilepsy Parkinson’s disease paraplegia or quadriplegia.

What is Neurolink’s main goal?

What will Elon Musk's Neuralink chip do to your brain? Will Neural link make you smarter?
  • Neurolink’s main goal is to develop a technology that will enable people to behave more like machines. Having neural laces that grant them superhuman skills would allow people to acquire an advantage in their daily lives without significantly altering their bodies. It might represent the first step taken by Humanity toward immortality.
  • The Neuralink device will offer visual prosthesis in the event of retinal damage or eye injury-related blindness this is possible as the world is seen in a variety of wavelengths so one must identify their frequency and dynamically adjust the sensor to provide a superhuman Vision with Neurolink.
  • One may communicate more effectively by sending real thoughts and must describe this exchange as non-linguistic acid-consenting telepathy. You can release untapped technology using this technology with enough electrodes in the appropriate locations. You can even begin drawing on this fundamental idea running through your head humans Crave sentimentality in this era and this device can store memories on demand one can go back and relive the memories which can help treat cognitive disorders like dementia.
  • One day the chips will have medicinal applications the Chip’s original purpose was to Aid in the restoration of Mobility for those whose spinal cords have been caught still it can now reduce tension and anxiety by regulating hormone levels in the brain.
  • It was suggested that generic brain devices like the neuro link could help with illnesses including memory loss depression epilepsy and brain injury. This brain-implanted chip can manipulate a host’s emotions and Mood by sending out waves with irregular frequency and amplitude.

When can we see the device?

The most straightforward answer to this is no it has to undergo many procedures before coming to the market. A specialized Gadget May monitor these impulses as they pass and learn to identify them with distinct physical movements they cause such a device could assist its user in overcoming disease and paralysis in regaining control of their body by gathering and delivering the same brain signals.

Neuralink implants

But the device itself is truly the difficult part there’s minimal space in people’s heads to implant anything securely and the internal language of the brain is not well known. Drilling a tiny hole in the skull roughly the size of a quarter and surgically inserting a battery-operated wireless rechargeable Gadget is their proposed solution.

The procedure needs only a two-millimeter incision that is widened up to eight millimeters the chipset module will cover the exposed portion of the skull when the treatment is finished while the patient is under partial anesthesia.

Musk added that after the device is implanted there won’t be any cables or antennae protruding from your head.

How trials of Neurolink’s chips Was Displayed?

  • This is still in its trial phase how are the trials one of Neurolink’s chips was displayed in 2020 instead of a pig named Gertrude. The chip was able to monitor brain activity while the pig snuffled about for food and precisely predict the position of Gertrude’s limbs. When she walked on a treadmill in April 2021.
  • Neurolink took their animal demonstrations further by showcasing a monkey controlling a video game with its thoughts. It was pager a macaque monkey engaged in video gaming in exchange for banana smoothies pager used a joystick that wasn’t attached to the gaming system to play the games which meant that he was using his brain impulses to move the pointer.

When was the Neurolink chip expected to start Human trials?

What will Elon Musk's Neuralink chip do to your brain? Will Neural link make you smarter?

Originally it was expected to start human trials in 2020 but it was delayed to 2022 July 29, 2021. Neural link declared that it secured a 205 million dollar series C fundraising round from investors including Google Ventures. They mentioned in its release that the first commercial use of its chip might be able to assist people with quadriplegia.

In a tweet must claim that Neurolink would treat Tinnitus by 2027. A neurological disorder called tinnitus causes ringing or buzzing in the ears. when there’s no external cause 50 million Americans are suffering from this tinnitus is a frequent issue that develops from the vestibular cochlear nerve which connects the inner ear to the brain is harmed by sustained loud noise trauma or a lack of blood flow. Most neuroscientists are positive about the device’s ability to alleviate Tinnitus artificial implants are not alien to us.

Why can we trust Neurolink chip?

  • Less brain damage the floppiness of the wires is its main strength and is the most significant advancement in the field. Some say they’re much softer than jello each cable is slightly thinner than a human hair and is equipped with electrodes that can both detect and in theory trigger brain activity for any device that will spend a significant amount of time lodged in a person’s brain.
  • Floppy wires may be a preferable option because they’re less likely to irritate or harm the tissue method of insertion. Floppy wires have a significant drawback in that they can be challenging to threaten the brain to address.
  • This Neurolink has created something new a sewing machine-like device would be used to implant the probes into the brain. It would utilize a hard needle to push the threads into the cortex’s outer layer at a depth of around one millimeter using online motion correction features. This works by capturing the blood vessels in the brain under a microscope and then using a robot to reposition the needle to correspond with those blood vessels.
  • It translates brain activity the brain produces very few electrical signals making extracting them challenging. Because there’s always some electrical noise in the environment around us the further they have to go down a narrow cable. The more noise will distort them the signal should be able to be Amplified and digitalized as near to the source as possible.

According to what they revealed in their white paper that tip appears to be cutting edge so you’ll be able to record from more locations with greater accuracy comparable to updating your television to high HD in a way there are no risks are there.

Neurolink is a class 3 medical device and it’s the riskiest classification

According to the FDA so they must successfully pass the stringent FDA regulatory checks before human trials can begin. Once they get approval they will recruit human volunteers and begin the subsequent phase of Trials then.

What then comes to the risks already?

There have been many complaints about animal ethics regarding the monkeys and pigs they use for experimenting with the device and people will start to doubt despite finding the project fascinating several people are already skeptical about it.

The worst case scenario is hacking our brains Neuralink is at its core a computer and as with all technological advances in Computing throughout human history. The more complicated and intelligent computers get the more appealing targets they become for hackers our brains have more than a computer can ever gain Breaking the Barrier to the brain with a BCI could allow hackers to break in and cause issues beyond our current comprehension.

So are you ready to boost your brain capabilities with an AI chip from Elon Musk?

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