Top Future Technology Trends that change the world

These are the Future technology trends that will change the world in the next 10 years. Looking back at how much our world has been developed and transformed by technology, we get nostalgic when we think of simpler times. But that nostalgia is always replaced with excitement and giddiness when we think about what the future holds when it comes to technology. What do you all think? Do you think we will finally have those long-awaited flying cars? Or will we have technology that is so advanced we can’t even imagine right now?

Let’s dive into the world of technology and find out what the future holds!

Future of technology

technologies that will change the world in the next 10 years

When we think about the future, we think about robots walking around doing our chores. We think about flying cars. We think about digital currencies that will only exist in the palm of our hands. We think about a world that will look like one of those sci-fi movies. So, how far are we from the actual truth? Honestly, there isn’t an actual answer to that question. What we know about the tech world now might be completely changed in the future. It’s unpredictable. Technology might advance for the future of mankind or it might advance in a way that puts the integrity of mankind in danger. Even today, we live in a world where we are oblivious to many innovations in tech that are harmful to us. So who’s to say we won’t be blinded by technology in the future too? Whatever is the truth? One thing is understood. The future breakthroughs in technology are unpredictable. However, certain advances people are looking forward to. Many technologies are in the works that would be beneficial for us. According to hopeful scientists, we are on the brink of technology that will change the world, and revolutionize every business, and every life. That too, in the best possible way ever! What are you waiting for? Put on your seatbelts and brace yourself. For we are going to take a ride in our imaginary space shuttles and see what the future of technology looks like!

1. Cryptocurrency

Top Future Technology Trends that change the world

Before we talk about whether or not this will be a hit in the future, let me tell you what it is. Cryptocurrency is a type of currency that is digital in its origin and existence. Yes, you heard that right. It only has a digital presence and not a physical one. It can be used for buying and selling purposes. However, some businesses and started recognizing cryptocurrencies as a legit payment method. There are still uncertainties. The most popular cryptocurrency right now is Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency is one of the most interesting and evolving technologies in our lives. In the future, it could become the of finance and trade. But since their value is maintained by the method of demand and supply no one knows the future of these digital currencies. For the sake of people who have invested their whole life savings into these currencies, let’s hope for the best.

 2. Space tourism

Top Future Technology Trends that change the world

What if we really can fly in space shuttles and tour the space? That seems like a far-fetched idea but companies like SpaceX and Blue Origin are working on this. They might just come up with a technology that will allow us to travel in spaceships, tour space, and come back to our planet in one piece. We know that will be for the elite because of how expensive it’s going to be but one can always dream. That’s free! To Mars, we go Talking about space reminds me of the ongoing research about how we can colonize other planets. I think people are just bored of the good ole earth. Or we might just destroy it into oblivion and will have to move to a new planet. Whatever the case will be. One thing is for sure. Let it be short or decades into the future, humans plan to invade other planets. With technology, they will. Let us hope they don’t destroy it too.

3. Future of Healthcare

Top Future Technology Trends that change the world

With the growing use of technology in the field of medicine, it is safe to say healthcare will be positively impacted. A 17-year-old student Daisa Taylor has invented a suture that changes color when the wound is infected. This opens many doors and research opportunities that can make the detection of infections easier! Artificial intelligence is another big breakthrough in the world of medicine. From using robotics and AI for complex surgical procedures to using AI to extract big data, this just might be the revolution the medical world needs.

Another very important development that technology will enable is to treat cancer like any other chronic illness!

With proactive and early screenings, better diagnostic tests, and equipment, early detection will be made accessible to even the common people. There will also be innovative therapies for cancer like gene therapy and immunotherapy. We will finally be able to deal with cancer effortlessly!

 4. Robots

As much as we have always wished for robots to do our work and chores, we all are also scared of a robot uprising that will destroy the human race. It’s silly. We all know if someone destroys the human race, it will be humans themselves. The future of technology is mostly based on introducing robotics in any and every field they can. Technology might be unpredictable but one thing we know for sure. Our future does hold robots. Most of the physically taxing labor and unsafe work will be handed over to the robots. Even office work like the ones of an assistant or one that requires repetition will be transferred to robots. Simple house chores like mopping, sweeping, doing the dishes, or doing the laundry will be done by robots walking freely in our houses. The more work we hand over to the robots, the less work we humans would have to do. That roughly translates to more leisure time, more fun activities, and more time for us to just be humans and live our lives without worrying too much about work.

5. Use of AR &VR

Top Future Technology Trends that change the world

 Augmented reality use of AR and VR combined has some real potential. Many companies are experimenting with AR by introducing AR in the workplace. Think about how cool it would be to use AR technology in your meetings! You could use them to show virtual models of products that are under development, you could hold virtual team meetings and many more. I think our future workplaces just got a lot cooler!

As a new digital era technology progresses and develops, we know a whole new world will be introduced to us.

Top Future Technology Trends that change the world

 A world where even the smallest of objects will be digitalized and turned into smart objects. A world where our smart toothbrush will send data to our dentists, or a smart mirror that will analyze our health status. A world where we will be able to 3D print our food, a fridge that orders our meals for us, a world where a 5g connection won’t just be imagination. Talking about it feels surreal. However, we know a world like this isn’t far from becoming a reality. Soon, we will have a completely digital world. It will increase opportunities for global collaborations and community development, unaffected by time or distance. All we can do is wait and hope in a world that lives on technology, we are safe from being the puppets of tech. Where our privacy is respected. That’s the world we want! OutroJust thinking about this future gives us goosebumps!

I hope we all collaborate and help the advancement of technology on the right path. A path that serves us. For today, this is all. Hop off your space shuttles and face the world we live in now! Thank you for taking this trip with us…

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