Ripple XRP News Today, XRP Price Prediction

Ripple XRP News Today, XRP Price Prediction

The XRP moon is just on the horizon

Ripple XRP News Today, XRP Price Prediction

We have pretty interesting news to share with everyone here. The XRP moon is just on the horizon. Our time is finally coming. There’s a vast list of events that are about to take place and we must get ready and prepare in advance for what’s to come. To get us started here we have a tweet from Watcher Guru that says, “JUST IN: Morocco’s central bank is in discussions with the IMF and the world bank about Bitcoin and crypto regulation.” We have mentioned time and again on this blog that these things will start happening. It is about time that all the coins in the crypto sphere that lack any utility go. As Brad Garlinghouse keeps reminding us, the only coins left behind are the ones that solve real-world problems. The most important thing here is solving the problems that people are currently dealing with in their day-to-day lives…

Welcome to the XRP Army. Now back to today’s topic, we have this tweet from @Tradeboi Carti.

He shares an image from Coinbase that says, “Dear Customer, starting on April 4, Coinbase will introduce some changes required by Canadian regulations. Specifically, when you send crypto to another financial entity or money services business (such as another cryptocurrency exchange), and the transaction is 1000 CAD or more, we are legally required to ask you for information about the recipient of the transaction- their name and address.” We can see that regulations have started to trickle in. And these regulations will have a domino effect. You all know what happens when one domino falls, it transfers the same effect to the rest very quickly. The crypto sphere is headed to a whole new phase where we will see more exchanges regulated. And as this happens, we will witness up to a 100% rise in the majority of the utility coins.

Ripple XRP News Today, XRP Price Prediction

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Next, we have a tweet from Ashley that says, “Moon is definitely in fall.”

Now, as you all know by now, the executive order will be passed in September and this is about the same time that the SEC lawsuit might end. To add to that, it’s about the same time that the ISO20022 will go live. I don’t know if you all can see exactly what is happening here. Some pretty big changes are coming. And as Brad Garlinghouse would put it, this is the great reset. There’s coordination that creates the perfect storm. So, at this pace, everything will come together around the same time. For the executive order to pass, Congress will need time to coordinate all the different agencies and get everyone to be on the same page. It’s like a horn that nudges everyone to get their act together. With all that happening at almost the same time, we know a time will soon come when we will moon. I’m not saying we will moon in September. Many people have been saying all that could happen as early as April. We just have to wait and see which direction the market takes us.

Moving on, we have more interesting news from

Ripple XRP News Today, XRP Price Prediction

The Bank of England sketches out the first regulatory approach to crypto. According to the regulatory sketch, June 3rd is the deadline for banks to set out crypto plans. In 2023, the regulators will consult on the rules biding stablecoins. If we look at what Reuters shared, we can see that “The Bank of England on Thursday began sketching out Britain’s first regulatory framework for crypto assets, saying that although the sector remained small, its rapid growth could pose risks to financial stability in future if left unregulated. The crypto assets have come under the regulatory spotlight amid concerns they could be used to circumvent financial sanctions imposed on Russia since its invasion of Ukraine.” They need regulations to be in place for the institutions to get the much-needed green light. After, they can now focus all energy on crypto regulation. The good thing is that regulation for crypto assets such as XRP is underway. As soon as we get clarity on regulations, we will likely see most institutions drive large amounts of money into XRP.

Now, while the crypto assets are unlikely to provide a feasible way to circumvent sanctions at a scale currently, the possibility of such behavior underscores the importance of ensuring innovation in crypto assets is accompanied by effective public policy frameworks to maintain broader trust and integrity in the financial systems.

As we wind up on today’s blog, we have something quite interesting here from Coin Telegraph.

It says, “MIT adds the Bank of England to its stable of CBDC digital currency research partners.” This is not something that has started just now, but this is the time they are coming out about it. The bank began the research on CBDC in 2020. However, MIT is not alone in this field. About 60 countries are researching CBDCs and other is about 15 pilot projects underway, including China’s homegrown Digital Yuan. This simply means more CBDC projects will be coming in as soon as the new financial system is launched. As we speak, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, and South Africa participated in the Bank of international settlement innovation Hub’s project Dunbar. Also, Nigeria and the Bahamas have already launched their CBDC. On the other hand, Jamaica is expected to do so in a couple of weeks. We have seen that the interest in CBDCs is increasing by the day. If they’re not researching CBDCs, their projects are underway. What this shows us is that the new era of Central Bank Digital Currencies is going to take place as all this has already been well planned. It could be they even pre-planned this for a couple of years.
The size of the previous bull run which is main 1 is 110K percent. If the same is going to happen in this bull market the extreme top is 120$.

I post this because I’m not sure if I’m right about my reasoning so tell me where is your extreme top for XRP. Price is moving within a bullish channel, & has formed a double bottom at the bottom of the channel. Since then the bullish momentum has been strong, & price is currently attempting to break out of the range. A new high towards the top of the channel at 70K-72K is anticipated to occur next as the demand for crypto is rising once again. As always, trade safely guys!

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