Ripple XRP is going to be the Next Booming Coin

XRP is the one true coin. We’ve seen this coin jump through hurdles that no other crypto has been exposed to. And did you see Gary Gensler join Twitter? Yes, that’s right!

The chairman of the SEC is now on Twitter. He’s about to get the wrath of XRP holders. Stick around to find out how it all went down. As soon as Gary dropped the ‘Hello World’ message on Twitter, XRP holders were on his cases. Gary tweeted, ‘Waving a hand, I’m new here on Twitter! A little about me: I’m a dad of 3, an avid runner & hiker, and the 33rd Chair @SECGov. If you have any interest in investor protection or fair, orderly, and efficient markets, then shoot me a follow.’ John Deaton was the first one to tweet back. He responded by adding, ‘Welcome Chairman Gensler. I speak for 19k XRPHolders who have sought intervention or amicus status in @SECGov Squared vs @Ripple. The SEC opposed our motion. Since your agency objects to us being heard in Court, avid runner take a meeting considering we are the people you seek to protect?’ And that’s just the first tweeter XRP holder. There are over a thousand retweets and quote tweets. I’m guessing Gary is already contemplating closing the account. Everyone who retweeted this post wanted apiece of Gary. The wrought interventions like they have a lot to say to the SEC boss. And that’s fine, considering the SEC has been behind most of the crypto losses by following, sorry to say, selfish needs and prosecuting the wrong crypto. I’m talking of XRP. This coin and its followers have been following the law ever since its launch. And here’s the funniest thing: as much as XRP and Ripple followed the law, they are still being accused of something they might or might not have done during the launch. Now, that’s close to 10 years ago. I don’t know about you, but it sounds like the SEC is up to something behind the scenes. Another tweet that’s worth mentioning is this one by luminous design where he states, ‘XRP goes to $200 … A lot will cash out70%+ of their bags. Later, a few weeks/months a reset happens, your big bank account loses value … Face with tears of joy. Always think a step ahead.’ And he has a fair point. When XRP starts to the moon, most people will sell their coins, but the price is only getting started. Imagine if anyone sold their bitcoins five years ago, they would now regret their actions. The same thing will happen to XRP. This coin will move overnight, and everyone who has XRPshappenseir wallets will wake loses a rude shock. This coin’s movjoy faience the SEC case is over with tears rise, everyone. Now is the perfect time to stock up on XRPsbefore the coin makes its move.

Solving many problems of Asian countries

Ripple also made a post with the heading, ‘First Live On-Demand Liquidity Offering in Japan Expands RippleNet’s Momentum inAPAC.’ ‘The Filipino diaspora is one of the ten largest in the world, with more than five million of its citizens living abroad. Many of them, like Joyce de Guzman, live and work in a foreign country so they can send money home to family members. But the traditional system of international payments for these migrants is often slow and expensive, siphoning off valuable funds from every transaction that could be better used for food, rent, or medical bills. For those Filipinos fueling the USD 1.8 billion in remittances that flow every year from Japan to the Philippines, this can be an especially painful transaction. The Philippines is the third-largest destination for remittances from Japan, with Japan (10.50 percent) international payments remittance costs in the world—almost twice as much as the average of all the G8 countries (5.92percent). Now, SBI Remit Co., Ltd, the largest money transfer provider in Japan, is teaming up with billion USDments service Coins. ph and digital asset exchange platform SBI VC Trade to transform specially painfulness from Japan to the Philippines. Us is a hird-largest destination for three will provide faster, more affordable remittance options for customers. This is Ripple’s first On-Demand Liquidity(ODL) service implementation in Japan, setting the stage to drive more adoption of crypto-enabled served money transfer regions. By leveraging the digital asset XRP to eliminate pre-funding, the two companies can also free up capital and accelerate the expansion of their payment japan businesses. “We see tremendous potential in leveraging blockchain technology to transform not only the way payment transactions are made but in how we manage our business by unlocking trapped capital,” said Nobuo Ando, Representative Director of SBI Remit. “The launch of ODL in Japan is just the start, and we look forward to continuing to eliminate into the next frontier of financial innovation, beyond real-time payments in just the Philippines, but to other parts of the region as well.” Zooming out, this deal is part of Ripple’sexplosive growth in the larger Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. With growing e-commerce clout, increasingly mobile populations, and rising clarity around cryptocurrency regulations, Asia Pacific is one of the fastest-growing regions for Ripple with transactions growing 130% year-over-year. The news also comes on the heels of similar partnerships with companies like Novatti and Tranglo, as well as Ripple’s recent hiring of finance and technology veteran Brooks Entwistle as Managing Director of Southeast Asia. Looking ahead, Ripple is perfectly positioned to deliver on APAC’s growing need for faster and more affordable approaches to cross-border payments today while also helping prepare regional players for the broader enterprise shift to a tokenized future that is already well underway.’ That’s a lot to take in. Now imagine what will happen in the next few weeks? I keep telling you guys that this crypto is the one. Ripple is making partnerships that will revolutionize the crypto space as we know it. Probably in the next few months, the crypto space will not be the same. This coin has been making moves since its launch, and now this. The SEC is the only regulatory body that’s slowing down this coin’s move to the top. Think of it this way: if Ripple was a scam, why are the Asian and the rest of the markets interested in making partnerships with it?

I genuinely think the SEC is giving Ripple a hard time for no apparent reason. Ripple has proven time and time again that they are only working to help the fiat companies merge with the crypto world, which sounds like a noble cause. More importantly, this company isn’t backing down from the fight because they know they are on the right side of history. In a video posted by Jeremy Hogan, he answers all the questions asked by the fans; the lawyer goes on to point out that the SEC hasn’t released documents regarding how they came up with the fact that ETH and BTC are not securities. This has been like a tug of war since the SEC is trying not to disclose its findings. I’ve said this severally; the SEC is trying hard to avoid exposing how they came up with the decision to file a lawsuit against XRP. Why? I believe there’s some critical information in those documents that could exonerate XRP. I can’t wait to see what happens next when the SEC is cornered to produce those documents. The whole crypto community will go wild. XRP and Ripple are the only two parties battling a regulatory body in the middle of the launch of crypto rules. Yes, we are about to be hit with a set of regulations that will otherwise create some sense in the crypto community. But since Ripple has been working closely with the government initially, I doubt there’s anything to worry about. Aside from partnerships, Ripple is currently working on launching an NFT platform that could potentially change the game. We don’t have all the full details about this, but they’ve hired professionals in the NFT world, making us think that they must be working on something. Without a doubt, XRP has proven to us that this coin is worth every penny you have. It’s time to stock up on XRP while the price is still low. That said, let’s check out the technical analysis for a deeper understanding of what is happening. Now we are looking at the weekly perspective. XRP could soon complete a giant 3 years +CUP & HANDLE formation. At the moment we have touched base at 57 cents(going slightly below) which corresponded at the 3 years bear market resistance (now support). The low side of the handle has been reached and we are rising to complete the upper side of the handle. Once the 1 $ level is cleared we could see an explosive rise and it is not out of the question that we will rise without even stopping at former resistance (2 $). The implied target of the H&amp’S pattern is around20 $. Interesting times lie ahead guys. As always trade safely! Please keep in mind, We are not licensed, financial advisors.

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