Mercedes-Benz Launches Electric Vehicle

Mercedes-Benz has finally stepped into the field of Electric vehicles and the best thing about it is not under the hood.

NEW EQS boasts S class

Mercedes-Benz Launches Electric vehicle

Interior design

The all-new Mercedes EQS is an S class and more than that it’s all fully electric. It has a new Hyper screen that is 1 Meter and 41 centimeters. It also has the rear XL steering in 10 degrees and its Size is 5 m and 21 cm in length so having an S class long view base size.

Mercedes-Benz Launches Electric vehicle

In this car, it combines of a lot of different sensors like having Haptic Feedback on your finger and it is very easy to control on the sensor screen. The center screen of the car is very broad and this screen is larger than the portrait style of the all-new generation S class. It is also integrated with A new hyper filter so it does a lot with the smell in the interior and also has a new surround sound system with 4 D surround sound seats including the sound of the accelerator.

Exterior design

Mercedes-Benz Launches Electric vehicle

This car has an all-new level of soft-closing Automatic doors. The wheelbase is a static ring 3 m and 21 cm very close to the S class long view base. It has two types of exterior color and also has a Three dot design for the headlights.

Battery and Electric powertrain

In total EQS has a total has 385 Kilowatts and it does matter if you go for the 4 Manticores, not with multiple factors. The battery lies in between the wheels.
It has a driving range of 770 km (478 miles) a fast charging.

Price range

The starting price for the new EQS Mercedes should be starting from 94,000 dollars to 160,000 dollars.

the starting price in the UK should be nearly 75,000 pounds and in India it should be nearly 70 to 80 Lakhs.

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