Major Cancer brake through in India

A blood test that can diagnose cancer in the earliest stages or tell you are safe for a Year

Major Cancer brake through

Biotech startup called Tzar Labs

In 2018, former Joint Commissioner of Mumbai Police Himanshu Roy died of suicide. The police officer took his life after suffering from cancer for three years.

It all starts with the Biotech startup called Tzar Labs, Himanshu Roy’s Brother-in-law, Ashish Tripathi is now the CEO of Tzar Labs.

Major Cancer brake through
CEO- Ashish Tripathi

The startup has developed an early-stage cancer diagnostic test through a blood test. Early diagnosis of cancer can enable timely treatment which can significantly reduce the death risk as well as treatment cost.

The scientist at an Indian biotech startup claims to have achieved a breakthrough in the early stages of cancer diagnosis, the diagnostic test created by Tzar Labs called HrC Test can detect the cancer risk of a person by a simple blood test.

An annual blood test would potentially either let patients be diagnosed at the earliest stage or assure them of a cancer-free year.

How can cancer be detected through the Blood test?

Many companies in India and abroad are working towards developing a test to detect the early stages of cancer.

Since cancer cells carry a person’s DNA, it becomes hard to differentiate healthy cells from cancer cells at early stages. Tzar Labs has identified a particular cell that can be used to detect the presence and the cancer cell.

How accurate it is

Tzar’s cancer detection test

Major Cancer brake through

A thousand-person clinical study Published in a leading medical journal has shown 100% accuracy in cancer detection through a blood test. The technique was able to identify 25 different kinds of cancer.

The most remarkable aspect of the technique was to be able to detect cancer before the onset of tumor development. Detection of cancer before the tumor formation can save lives.

Tzar is in the process of getting regulatory approvals for its HrC test which has been named after Himanshu Roy.

Cancer- A


Major Cancer brake through

According to estimates, India has 2.25 million estimated cancer patients, the country adds about 1.1 million new patients each year. According to a 2020 report, 1 in 9 Indians will develop cancer during their lifetime.

Nearly 800,000 people die of the disease in India annually. The disease accounts for one in every six deaths worldwide. Reports say that by 2040, worldwide cancer cases are expected to reach 27.5 million and 16.3 million cancer deaths.

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