12+ Technologies that will change the world

Technologies that will change the world in the next 10 years

If you think the future is changing very fast believe it or not it changes very fast. These are 12 Technologies that will change the world in the next 10 years.

12. Givenchy x PDF Haus VR Concept  Glasses

12+ Technologies that will change the world

Nothing screams high-tech more than ‘gaming eyewear.’ The Givenchy x PDF Haus VR  Concept glasses are catching eyes – more than the ones they’re sitting on. VR is all the rage,  but clunky headsets are not the way of the future. In contrast, these would offer both VR and AR capabilities while still looking like they’d fit perfectly on some sort of steampunk runway.  You can look like you belong on fashion week while getting to enjoy your favorite content.

11. Studio Fantasio FAMILIA  Human Connection Gadgets

12+ Technologies that will change the world

These last few years have got us all feeling a little disconnected from each other. Certainly, we’re all feeling it. If you want a little more of a human connection in your technology, then Studio Fantasio might have the gadget for you. Designed with older folks in mind, it’s set with multiple different functions to help those with vision or memory impairments bridge the isolation that may cause. Features range from time, medication dosages, a lamp with a magnifying glass, and a mirror that lets you chat with loved ones.

10. Pod Case Apple Watch Series  4 Cover

12+ Technologies that will change the world

For a touch of nostalgia, check out this Pod Case for the Apple Watch.  It’s built to make your Apple watch look like a classic-style iPod, which can ring in fond memories of listening to an old MP3 player while hooked up to your wired headphones.  This mixing and blending of the old and new was reimagined by Yeonsoo Kang and would function as an Apple Watch Case.

09. 24Storage Cat Flat Bespoke Feline House 

12+ Technologies that will change the world

We all just want to make our furry friends a  little happier – no matter what time of year.  Offering them a cat tree house can give them hours of fun, enrichment, and a comfortable place to sleep. This one, however, would be a gorgeous addition to any grown-up living space while still doing the same thing. The 24Storage Cat Flat is a beautiful statement piece made in a walnut veneer designed by a cat psychologist.

08. TCL Foldable Prototype Phones

12+ Technologies that will change the world

We’ve seen flip phones, we’ve seen folding phones – but what about a tri-fold phone? How about one that rolls up? The tri-fold concept offers a 6.55-inch screen when used as a phone but expands to a  whole 10-inch tablet to display when needed. While the rolling phone is slimmer in design, it’s a little further behind in design – but essentially slides in and out via a small motor when need be.

07. Offline Seat Signal-Blocking  Office Chair

12+ Technologies that will change the world

Do you struggle to stay focused while working? With a constant barrage of focus-diverting stimuli from all angles, it’s harder and harder every day to stay wholly on task at all times. This Signal-blocking chair hopes to make that a thing of the past –  with a wifi and cellular signal-blocking pouch that can help you focus and rest. For those of us who are always checking phones,  
texts, emails, and much more on a near-constant basis – this can come as a sort of relief!

06. Slide Minimalist Thermostat 

Thermostats have come a long way over the years, but sometimes that innovation overcomplicates things. Manage your home’s temperature with ease and style with the Slide Minimalist Thermostat. If you’re tired of fiddling with the knobs and switches, this gadget’s simple design will make it way easier – and take the guesswork out of setting your home’s temperature.

05. SuperBlue Toothbrush by Dylan  Feltman

Toothbrushes get dirty – a simple rinse in the sink won’t necessarily do. But the  SuperBlue has solved that problem – or, at least, proposes that it can. The case for this toothbrush is said to kill 99% of all bacteria by using UV light. That way, every time you go to brush,  you’ll be picking up a new brush. This would also eliminate the waste that comes along with tossing toothbrushes every few months. While that is something we should all be doing, SuperBlue envisions a world where we may not have to!

04. GRIS Design OP-S Conceptual SmartPhone 

Perfect for music lovers, this concept phone is a music production system disguised as your everyday cellular device. Except, when you slide the screen up, you reveal its built-in synthesizer. If you’re an aspiring musician or just want something to play around with, this concept phone can turn every day fighting into your work of art!

03. YoonJy Combination Earbud Earrings

12+ Technologies that will change the world

The one thing that we never thought of, but why not?  Yoonjy answers a question very few people have  asked – “why aren’t my earbuds nicer to look at?” Well, the Combination Earbud Earrings solves that problem and also sounds great. The concept shows an array of cool features – like the volume controlled by a rotation of the ring. Functional jewelry featuring premium earbuds and high-quality audio is just scratching the surface of this one – you shouldn’t have to compromise style for function. We can only imagine where wearable technology will be in a few short years with concepts like these.

02. OnePlus Concept One Invisible  Camera Smart Phone

12+ Technologies that will change the world

We’ve all been wrapped up in the notch on the front cameras of our phones for so long. Now is the time to take a step back and see the real villain here: clunky back cameras. Hide your smartphone’s camera lens completely with the OnePlus Concept, where the glass on the back camera darkens in such a way that you get the illusion of a hidden camera. Sleek  
and undeniably modern – we’re sure they’ll come out with a physical release of this soon enough!

01. Autonomous Underwater Vehicle  Swimming Drone by Draper & Sprout

12+ Technologies that will change the world

As we all become a little more environmentally conscious, this AUV can help. It can find and pick up microplastics in the ocean and other bodies of water that are invisible to the human eye.  While this might not be a consumer product, this is the sort of innovation that can genuinely help us help the rest of the world. Whether or not this concept comes to light, it will be a step in the right direction!
Concept projects often never see the light of day  – and even more often, they tend to be absorbed by larger companies and projects. We only see bits and pieces of the original innovation.  
Any one of these concepts could mean lasting effects on the world of gadgets.  While we aren’t so sure about motorized,  rolling phone screens, we’ll have to wait and see what the technology world does with these innovative, mold-breaking ideas.

Would you use any of these if you could get your hands on them?  Have you seen a cool concept gadget that we missed? Tell us about it down below.  

Also, check out our other cool stuff showing up on the screen right now. And we’ll see you next time!

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