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With a market cap of more than one billion dollars, bitcoin is ranked number one and without a doubt, the biggest cryptocurrency in the world bitcoin price prediction talk is heating up around the globe. Investors regardless of whether small or big private or institutional are reacting to the cryptocurrency falling 10 in the past week. Bitcoin dipping lower is something that crypto investors do not want to see but it also doesn’t mean that they’re counting Bitcoin out dips like this are normal and we will likely see a full recovery in no time with the price of Bitcoin probably rising higher than before due to the rise of global bitcoin mass adoption.

Future price predictions of Bitcoin 2021 to 2025.

last few months we have seen a huge growth of interest in Bitcoin tesla mastercard visa Paypal apple pay uber amazon general motors Twitter and Oracle all of them have either already started implementing Bitcoin or are finalizing plans regarding crypto integration as a payment method or just as an investment you see the argument is simple the current financial system is outdated and the future is where transactions will be completed in seconds not days now it’s time for our first future price prediction.

Which comes from they’re basing its prediction on an in-house algorithm and they’re seeing a high in 2021 of $63,000 in 2022 a high of almost $80,000 2023 of $96,000 and in 2024 they are seeing a high of $113,000 per coin the second price prediction comes from and they are predicting their price prediction on in-house technical analysis and they’re seeing a high of $76,000 in 2021, 2022 $93,000 2023 they’re seeing a high of $109,000 and let’s jump to 2025 where they’re seeing a hyper bitcoin of $146,000.  

Now it’s time for digital prediction they’re also basing it on an in-house technical algorithm but in 2021 they’re seeing a high of $91,000 the highest we have seen so far from all these price future prediction platforms 2022 1007000 in 2023 122160000 in 2024 and they believe in 2025 we can see a high per bitcoin of 185 thousand dollars.

The last one which I like the most comes from they are basing their price prediction on in-house fundamental analysis and I truly believe that the crypto industry is not mature enough to have solid technical analysis in order to predict the future nevertheless they’re seeing a high in 2021 of $134,000 hey they’ve got another seven months to go.  

2022 a high of $212,000 and in 2025 they’re seeing a high of $856,000 they believe in 2030 we’re going to see 1 million and $695,000 per bitcoin as always we have prepared the last slide as a conclusion slide I hope it does offer some kind of conclusion what we have gathered here are the lowest lows and the highest highs from the platforms that we have displayed in this video maybe you can use it for your own future price prediction before we end I just want to leave you with a few thoughts. 

But it’s true that bitcoin could and probably is heading higher not everyone agrees with that idea let me give you an example there are quite a few concerns that the price of bitcoin and the overall cryptocurrency industry can fall. Once regulators from various governments around the world will start to crack down on the digital asset it remains to be seen if that will be the case I believe what could be more of a small hiccup on the way would be the tax implications that we probably will see by the end of the year 2021. So as long as you are on top of your taxes I guess wouldn’t be a problem.

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