Best Trending Video Games Of All Time PC

Here is the list of the Best Trending Video Games Of All Time PC. Since the late 1970s when the home gaming business began to thrive the market has continued to develop with video games. Today occupying an important position in many people’s lives, they provide opportunities for adventure competitiveness camaraderie, and even fright or hilarity depending on the game. While millions of video games have been created throughout the years only a few have proven to be true classics lasting the test of time and becoming the finest titles in gaming history. This time we are going to list the top 10 games of all time.

10. Bloodborne 2015.

Bloodborne is an amazing piece of horror that portrays a decaying city whose residents rather than forsaking god have been afflicted by their obsession with becoming closer to their eldritch rulers. Bloodborne is a pleasant thematic and technical examination of repetition it’s a single never-ending night of executions where nothing can die since your death resurrects virtually. For all of the world’s enemies, the concept of a time-trapped location is a common fantasy trope but it works extra well here since you spend so much time performing the cycle yourself. You’ll become intimately familiar with every creature you kill even when they’re visually interchangeable. Watching for the one that plays dead next to a carriage or the other one that’s always waiting to jump out from behind a wall.

09. Bioshock 2007.

BioShock is a part shooter half role-playing game and part morality narrative set in a doomed underwater utopia. It takes players on a disturbing and ambiguous adventure to escape rapture while uncovering its terrible truths. The plot of Bioshock revolves around Rapture the city in which the game is set. You are an anonymous and voiceless protagonist with a helpful radio companion who is assisting you in navigating the city so you may find a way out before being killed by one of the many citizens suffering from severe cabin fever. Colombia like rapture was constructed by the rich to get away from civilization however the purpose of Colombia wasn’t to live freely but instead live by spiritual dogma and stay away from a world that by the founder’s standards was vile and barbaric. All of the city’s buildings sit high above the clouds suspended by hot air balloons and steampunk-like motors. While the city of Columbia is beautiful and angelic in appearance just under the surface is a society that follows an ideology that promotes bigotry and racism in response to this the vox populi and underground rebellion was formed.

08. Portal 2 2011

Valve’s 2011 sequel adds a more detailed story to the smart physics puzzles with the tyrant computer system GLaDOS. Delivering an endlessly humorous and innovative investigation of mankind and hubris building on the great foundations of its predecessor. The aperture lab with its strange study chambers and robotic assembly lines loaded with light bridges and lasers is a massive almost gothic ludological edifice here it’s the unlikely mix of red dwarf 2001 and crystal maze that no one expected.

07. Halo combat evolved in 2001

One of the earliest shooters that feature alien retaliation. It’s astonishing how quickly that chattering cackling covenant can flush you out while playing Halo nowadays, especially on the legendary difficulty setting. Halo has produced a cherished world of space opera shooters but it’s the original game launched at a time when the concept of a first-person shooter on a console seemed ridiculous that has had the most influence.

06. Grand theft Auto 5 2013

Rockstar painstakingly created a bizarre pastiche of Southern California through the eyes of three decidedly unheroic protagonists. A retired gangster whose family despises him, a young man from the inner city trying to escape a seemingly predestined life of crime, and a violent trailer-dwelling psychopath. GTA’s dual personality is cleverly divided by these three characters’ caustic satire of current American film narrative and aimless violent mayhem.

05. The witcher 3 wild hunt 2015

Many games give you a simple option between good and evil but the witcher questions what happens when you’re swept along by historical and political forces beyond your control. Geralt of Rivia isn’t a hero he’s only an outcast living in a turbulent period in his realm’s history. It turns out that when you’re not focused on the simple goal of saving the planet you may find far more intriguing stories. Cd Projekt Red was able to construct a larger more realistic narrative network and an open world that worked by focusing on non-linear tales that were all self-contained. Yet strongly entrenched in the Witcher 3’s game environment truly top-worthy.

04. Half-life 2 2004

Alien invasion scenarios abound in video games but Half-Life 2 is so fantastic that it makes the whole premise seem new and terrifying. We’ve got a classic masterwork on our hands it’s a visually stunning and exciting shooter that comes after one of the best pc games. We’ve ever seen both games influence the industry and foster a fan base that will never be satisfied until Half-Life 3 is released. Gordon Freeman awakens to discover Earth completely conquered by the combined troops but a resistance movement is growing. The clever environmental puzzles and the well-known gravity gun take advantage of the complex physics engine to make this terrible world feel real. You truly hate the enemies you live with every moment one of the greatest narrative video games ever made.

03. Dark Souls 2011

Dark Souls start you off with nothing and let its horror-tinged dark fantasy unfurl as you fumble and strive to survive plunging you into a never-ending cycle of death and rebirth in a world where nearly nothing is still breathing. It was from software and visionary director Hitataka Miyazaki’s breakout game invigoratingly uncompromising and impactful. There is still nothing like it despite two additional dark souls games and a slew of imitators.

02. Legend of Zelda breath of the wild 2017

Breath of the Wild breaks apart and tosses away all the elements that make exploring a chore checklist objective. Markers forests of symbols to create space for actual adventure much like Half-life 2 did for the first-person shooter breath of the Wild relies on your curiosity and intellect. Self-determination and resourcefulness and provide you with a plethora of options for putting them to use by comparison other games feel like a quaint tiny train trip to its thrillingly vast wilderness.

01. Minecraft 2009

Best Trending Video Games Of All Time PC

Here’s a little back story of Marcus Notch person a Swedish programmer who did not originate the concept of a blocked base construction game. Minecraft came out shortly after zac barth’s experimental game Infiniminer the creator of the Stockholm company. Mojang on the other hand developed the notion of a Lego-like building game set in a randomly generated universe. Word of this peculiar blocky simulation swiftly spread on pc gaming sites. When it was first released as a work in progress in the summer of 2009 and a community of eager modders gathered around the project downloading a person’s version but adding their own rules and artwork from the very beginning. Minecraft was a shared endeavor labor of love shared between creator and fans over the past decade. Minecraft has become a hobby and social space servers have been set up for people on the autistic spectrum providing a vital means of meeting with and communicating with others. The education edition of Minecraft is used in hundreds of schools across the world to educate physics geology theater art electronics and sustainable farming. The game has a huge cultural and educational impact Minecraft played a significant role in the creation of the star gaming YouTuber with names like Stamps Cat and Dantdm.

Becoming household name to simply put it the gaming industry has left a mark in the world that deserves to be recognized as an industry for a long time the gaming industry has been treated as a hobby rather than a profession but the truth is video games will always be your friend in these hard times they’re just a great way to relax and still have some fun with your mates even when you can’t see them in person that’s it for the list.

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