Atomic superyacht could offer 3 million dollar tour with scientists

A nuclear-powered ship is full of activists, scientists, and billionaires, sailing through the world and examining the state of the oceans. That’s the dream of entrepreneur Aaron Olivera, who believes the novel vessel will help raise environmental awareness.

Ship/Earth 300

Atomic superyacht could offer 3 million dollar tour with scientists

The ship, called Earth 300, was designed by superyacht specialist Ivan Salas Jefferson. Almost 300 meters long and 60 meters high, it will be able to accommodate 425 people. Most of those will be staff, scientists, and students, traveling for free. It is expected to be ready by 2025.

It will be used for scientific research and ecotourism. The incredible nuclear yacht that promises to change everything. It is a project that aims to use it in ecotourism and research. It is said to be the Eiffel Tower of our generation say those who promote it and features include the cantilevered observation deck in a 13-story glass science sphere.

A nuclear-powered ship and Green Fuel engine

By building this yacht its main objective to inspire people and raise environmental awareness around the world. This engineering work must be a molten salt and zero-emission atomic power plant which is technology-led by Terrapower an American company founded by Bill Gates given that the certification of the reactor will take place after 2025. It is likely that initially the yacht will be equipped with a synthetic Green Fuel engine.

Billionaires and Scientists sailing through the world  

Atomic superyacht could offer 3 million dollar tour with scientists

A handful of wealthy tourists, housed in luxury suites, will pay 3 million dollars each for 10 days journey helping to make the venture profitable, and expect to generate about 100 million dollars in revenue in 300 days of operation a year at the same time wants to invite explorers and scientists to participate in trips for which 22 laboratories with capacity for 160 people will be equipped on the board. These specialists conduct research to collect data using the ship’s equipment including thousand of built-in sensors and what could be the first quantum computer installed on the yacht.

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