America’s Newest Hypersonic Spy Plane- Aurora

America's Newest Hypersonic Spy Plane- Aurora

America’s Newest Hypersonic Spy Plane- Aurora

America's Newest Hypersonic Spy Plane- Aurora

The United States has finally succeeded in developing and operating its newest high-speed spy plane rumors of a top-secret Hypersonic aircraft were known as the Aurora.


Aurora has rippled across Aviation circles around the world but evidence of the Triangular jet remains scarce. Is it possible that the United States not only successfully developed and operated a fleet of Mach 5 plus aircraft in the 1980s but has kept it secret to this day? 

America's Newest Hypersonic Spy Plane- Aurora

The real truth may be a little more complicated than you might think despite the reported prototype sightings the sr-91 Aurora will likely never make it to its best in a concept stage. The project aimed to develop a replacement for its Fleet of aging and expensive s is 71 blackbirds which cost around 200 million dollars to 300 million dollars a year to operate technically known as the Special Access program or black program generally not for public knowledge.  

Recently a UK Ministry of Defense report referred to the U.S Air Force’s priority plan to produce a supersonic vehicle that can reach speeds of Mach 4 to 6. The Fortunes of high-speed spy planes took a sharp turn after the fall of the Berlin wall and the dissolution of the Soviet Union. The end of the Cold War marked the end of unlimited defense spending and the function these planes had namely flying over enemy territory to photograph sensitive areas could be performed immediately at lower cost and with far less harm by spy’s satellite.  

US high-tech secrets

The Pentagon has a long history of funding the development of high-tech secrets currently the most discreet efforts fall within the special Access program or sap which restricts. The distribution of information even among those with the highest security clearance levels even some saps that are recognized are never fully disclosed even years after they are completed and some saps are never recognized at all.

Aircraft programs can evolve similarly technology demonstrations prototypes and small production runs of exotic aircraft are not only believed to be commonplace at limited facilities like Lockheed Martin’s Palmdale Factory or fan favorite Area 51. It’s a verifiable fact sometimes attempts do not produce the desired result sometimes they prove to be too expensive or heavy maintenance to be palatable and sometimes America’s Secrets like buried in the desert never to be spoken about again.

Lockheed s 71 Blackbird

The Lockheed s 71 Blackbird the fastest jet-powered aircraft in history famously defeated more than 4 000 missiles during its Service as a reconnaissance platform. Its ability to reach and maintain speeds exceeding Mach 3 for hours on end makes it impossible to stop using even the most advanced surface-to-air missile systems or the highest-flying interceptors. 

America's Newest Hypersonic Spy Plane- Aurora

So when the Air Force chose to retire the wildly successful SR-71 in the late 1980s most people assumed it was because the U.S. already had a faster higher flying replacement in the works.  

Now decades later indisputable facts have been twisted around a hypothetical narrative so intrinsically that the attempt to investigate. The truth behind Aurora is sure to lead you down winding corridors of reference to countless real or imagined secret programs including some that may be continuing today. However, the SR-71 was phased out slightly in the 1980s and the U.S. military is allegedly seeking a design that can replace it when it enters retirement. 

The Pentagon has remained silent about this process but outside observers have speculated that given the technology. The U.S. Air Force has an aircraft that could be built that can travel at Hypersonic speeds of up to Mach 5. given this, some observers suggest that such an aircraft may already be in development but the aircraft magazine Aviation week and space technology announced that 455 million dollars had been earmarked for black plane production in 1987.  

Triangular Hypersonic aircraft reminiscent

The Aurora has always been rumored to be a triangular Hypersonic aircraft reminiscent of reports of Lockheed Martin’s sr-72 programmed that the company touted before the start of the modern  Hypersonic arms race although satellites proved very useful for intelligence gathering at that time there was a need for aerial reconnaissance. 

America's Newest Hypersonic Spy Plane- Aurora

After the retirement of the SR-71 as it is still needed today, the SR-71 fell into disuse in the 1990s to meet the country’s reconnaissance needs in the minds of many the Air Force was not going to let the SR-71 go without a worthy successor already warming up on the sidelines and they could be right to some extent.

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