5 Best Technology to learn for future

Best Technology to learn for future

Best Technology to learn for future

Hey guys in this list I am going to recommend the Best technology to learn for the future over the next 12-18 months. As a fresher or as a professional, you might be wondering in which direction should you take your career. There is so much happening at workplaces these days, especially with respect to technology, and skills that didn’t exist much a few years ago are now in huge demand.

And trust me the rate at which technology is evolving only seems to be getting faster at an exponential pace. So, you have no other option left other than pursuing emerging tech skills in the upcoming years.

In this list, I am gonna go over the Best technology to learn for the future and these are the technology of the future.

01. Artificial intelligence

5 Best Technology to learn for future

Let me first share a few facts with you It has been predicted that the business value created by AI will be at $4 Trillion in 2022. Since 2013, the amount of jobs requiring AI skills has multiplied by 5 An AI Engineer gets an average salary of 175000 dollars a year These are pretty startling facts, and whether we believe it or not AI is now taking over.

Even if you don’t master the intricacies of AI, you need to at least understand enough that it can be incorporated into the work you regularly do. There are plenty of online courses that you can take to understand the basics and work your way up. Some of these courses are free and whilst others charge a nominal amount per month to provide you with world-class education.

02. Machine Learning

5 Best Technology to learn for future

Machine learning is perhaps one of the hottest skills to learn for the future. And the reason it is so hot is that it can automate many repetitive and mindless tasks. Turning months of time into hours of time. Every company wants to do machine learning on a bigger and bigger scale at less cost. Machine learning thus has the brightest future in the coming decade or so. No matter what you do, you are going to be affected by machine learning significantly.

Amazon Alexa, Siri, and Google home devices are great examples of machine learning. To learn machine learning, you can take courses online or sign up for a course at the university. To tell you the truth it is not easy to learn and neither is anything else that’s worth doing. You will need to learn some calculus, linear algebra, and probability in order to make your way toward machine learning and along with that some programming languages like python. But to emphasize again, it has a terrific future.

03. Digital Marketing

5 Best Technology to learn for future

Every company regardless of the volume of business requires a digital strategy to grow at a faster rate. All of us now search for things online to fulfill our needs. The digital transformation has changed customers entirely and it is now a necessity to engage with them on digital platforms.

All organizations are investing heavily in their digital marketing strategy whether it’s content creation, SEO, or ad campaigns. And in order to do these things they need people with digital marketing skills. Which is why it is one of the best skills for students and job-seeking professionals. Online courses on digital marketing offer great education some are free some are chargeable. But overall it is an interesting and safe bet.

04. Data analytics or data science

5 Best Technology to learn for future

According to a recent Glassdoor survey, data science is the highest-paid field to get into Here applies the basic notion of economics, the demand for data science is very high but supply is low, so the salaries are very high and people are very much willing to get into it.

Data science or data analytics job titles that exist today had no existence in the past, this emerging piece of technology also has less competition due to its complexity. If you have the zeal and curiosity to be part of this whole technology revolution then learn about this emerging technology. If you have the right attitude to learn things, no one can stop you from entering the industry.

05. Cloud computing

Another thing that is thriving within the domain of technology is cloud computing.

But what is cloud computing?

Let me provide an analogy to explain what it really is, When electricity was first invented, people used to buy their own generators to have electricity at their homes and only those who had the money to buy generators, therefore, had electricity. But with later inventions, now we only have to pay for the electricity that we use and it is transmitted to our homes over vast distances efficiently.

Now apply the same concept to computational power, an organization doesn’t have to buy 100s of servers that they may not use so they use the cloud instead for their data storage. Somebody else owns the hardware and infrastructure and companies only have to pay for what they are using.

Cloud computing is also a new piece of technology that many people are getting into. There is a huge transformation going on at the moment in all organizations to switch to the cloud and people with relevant skills are welcomed with lucrative salaries and positions. In the description below I have listed links to some of the free courses that are available online for all of these skills that we have just gone through.

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