12 Coolest Car Gadgets That Are Worth Buying

Hey guys! It’s time to check out some cool stuff for your car.   So there are a couple of gadgets that’ll help you see and hear other road users. Another couple will make you hearable and bring some light to your car. Oh, and we’ve got something explosive on the list.

Cobra Road Scout Dash Cam

12 Coolest Car Gadget That Are Worth Buying

What’s this, some kind of binoculars? This handy car gadget has two different functions.   First, it’s an ultimate dashcam that captures the road in 1080p quality. It records continuously,   and the 150° field of view makes sure not a single detail will be missed. The cam also stands out with night vision and a built-in G-sensor that measures your car movement.   The gadget is WI-FI enabled which means you can access the recordings from your phone,   edit, and share them instantly. Although, you can store the videos right on the included 16 GB SD   card. And in addition, this thing doubles as a highly accurate radar detector that’ll let you know about patrols and speed traps. It sends both visual and sound alerts using the circular screen and integrated speakers. You’ll get even more relevant information from other drivers by connecting to the iRadar mobile app. Another app will show you how to mount the gadget to your windscreen and start using it. That’s actually a matter of seconds!

Mini USB LED Light

12 Coolest Car Gadget That Are Worth Buying

And here’s the easiest way to set the mood in your car! This LED ambient light looks exactly like a wireless mouse receiver. And quite the same, it only requires a standard   USB port. Once it’s plugged in, you can start switching between 7 cool colors – red, pink,   yellow, and so on. All it takes is just a single click. You can adjust the brightness as well by long-pressing the same button. The light also has this nice breathing effect that will calm you down in a traffic jam. As you can see, this thing gets fairly bright, despite its tiny size.   It doesn’t take up much space and won’t need much energy either. The bigger isn’t always the better!

Cobra JumPackXL Car Jump Starter

12 Coolest Car Gadget That Are Worth Buying

You might think this is another power bank. But the keyword here is “power”. Delivering a truly impressive output, this little brick is capable of jump-starting a car,   bike, and even a boat. Just quickly connect the included jumper cables under the hood and wait for the green indicator to light up. Now, there are a bunch of different models of various sizes,   so choose the capacity according to your needs. All models are compact enough to easily fit your bag or glovebox. Some versions also feature a built-in flashlight with a strobe and even an SOS mode, which comes in handy when your car battery is completely flat.   And aside from all that, these are just cool power banks for all your mobile devices.   You might charge wirelessly or via USB – both ways work as fast as it gets. And the gadget itself can be plugged into any standard outlet or even the cigarette lighter plug. Oh,   if you’re getting this thing for your boat, make sure to get the waterproof version!

Electric Exhaust CutOut Kit With Remote Control

12 Coolest Car Gadget That Are Worth Buying

The exhaust system tells a lot about the car and its owner. With these exhaust cutouts, you’ll be able to quickly adjust the sound and performance of your car.   The electric mechanism saves you from messing with all the stuff manually. You can both open and close the valves using the remote control, easier than ever. The kit includes everything you need for mounting and suits virtually all types of vehicles. The diameter is either 2.5 or 3”.   As for the power supply, you only need a cigarette lighter plug. Most importantly,   these cutouts are made of high-grade stainless steel which makes them almost indestructible. You can fry them and they’ll still work just fine. They are as tough as they sound!

Bmmpr: Smart Alarm

12 Coolest Car Gadget That Are Worth Buying

And here’s the most watchful guardian that’ll keep you aware of everything that happens to your car.   Whether it’s just an innocent tennis ball or an actual break-in – you’ll be notified within a second. It’s up to you to decide how much you want to know: There are three impact detection levels to choose from. Setting up the system will only take you a couple of minutes.   Start by plugging the gadget underneath your steering wheel and downloading the dedicated mobile app. From there, you’ll need to create an account and sync the gadget with your phone.   That’s it! The system will be activated automatically every time you walk away from your car. The gadget uses a cellular connection to stay online all day long. Aside from the impact alerts, the app lets you track the car’s GPS location and battery status. And there are some other neat functions like taking notes, photos, and videos in case of an accident.

HitchFire Forge 15: Hitch-Mounted Propane Grill

12 Coolest Car Gadget That Are Worth Buying

This one is for your wildest adventures. This grill doesn’t take up any space in your trunk and stays easily accessible. This wouldn’t be possible without the incredibly rugged tubular frame construction – the grill is ready to survive the harshest conditions. It’s fairly large with over 350 sq. inches of cooking space. Okay, but how to install that thing? First, you need to attach the swing arm firmly. It’s designed for standard receivers, but if yours is different,   the included hitch extender will help you out. Mounting the grill is extremely easy thanks to the built-in quick-release clamp. And then you’ll need to connect a propane tank to start the fire.   Adjust the heat intensity using the special knob. The swingarm can be locked either at   90 or 180 degrees, providing you with two comfortable positions.   The cherry on top – there’s an integrated bottle opener right underneath the grill!

Cobra 29 LX Max Smart CB Radio

12 Coolest Car Gadget That Are Worth Buying

Every truck driver must check out this one! This CB radio is designed to meet all modern-day needs.   Starting with wireless Bluetooth connectivity that lets you make and receive phone calls right on your radio. Use the Bluetooth button on the handheld microphone for quick pairing. And then push the same button whenever you want to make a call and say the contact name out loud. This radio makes sure you always keep your eyes on the road, by announcing the incoming calls and messages.   And of course, you still get your classic CB functionality with 40 channels to choose from. You can also adjust the mic sensitivity and reduce the surrounding noise to sound as clear as possible.   The rewind playback must be really handy as well. In addition, this thing can receive instant weather alerts. The bright LCD screen and backlit buttons are visible,   day and night. Feel free to change the display’s color and brightness depending on your mood or lighting conditions. On top of all that, you might download the dedicated mobile app and join a large community of drivers. This way, you’ll always be notified about speed cams,   road hazards, and all that. You’re not alone on the road!

LED Car Headlight Bulbs

12 Coolest Car Gadget That Are Worth Buying

These are the headlight bulbs we’ve been waiting for. Providing 360-degree illumination,   they leave no dead angles, shadows, or ghosting on your road.   There’s a whole lineup of different models that suit various car brands and sizes.   All of them feature a 6000K sky white color which is close to daylight. And most importantly,   the bulbs get incredibly bright, delivering 10,000-lumen brightness. The premium version already reaches a 12000-lumen output which will be more than enough, for sure. To keep things cool despite this crazy power, the bulbs are equipped with a powerful dual roller cooling fan. As a result,   the lights will serve you for 50,000 hours. As for the installation, it’s pretty easy and won’t take too much time. And don’t worry about weather conditions – the bulbs are waterproof!

Grenade Tyre Valve Caps

12 Coolest Car Gadget That Are Worth Buying

Sometimes the smallest details are the most eye-catching. Like these hilarious tiny grenades. These are just little caps for your tire valves – nothing explosive in here. Despite being way more attractive than the regular caps, these are no more difficult to install. And they’re still perfectly good at protecting the valves and preventing air leakage. The high-grade aluminum construction makes the caps really tough. But the coolest part is the huge variety of bright colors   – there are 10 options to choose from. You might get these for your car, bike, or motorcycle. Boom!

Gaze G.Bone Parking Number Plate

12 Coolest Car Gadget That Are Worth Buying

Any driver that needs your phone number will now immediately see it. Available both in chrome silver and gold, this thing perfectly suits any car interior.   The plate comes with four sets of numbers which can be quickly arranged and replaced when needed.   Place the bone anywhere you want – four adhesive stickers will keep it firmly attached!

Gaze Wide H Wireless Car Charge, Gaze Magsafe Wireless Car charger

12 Coolest Car Gadget That Are Worth Buying

Check out this cool car mount for your phone that doubles as a wireless charger! 15W output allows fast charging for any Qi-enabled device, no matter the size and OS. Although you can use the holder vertically, landscape mode provides a better view. There are three ways to install this thing,   all the mounts come in the package! And this one is made especially for iPhone 12 users. The mount is compatible with MagSafe which lets you attach the phone without any clamps. Strong magnets hold the phone no less securely. This holder is limited to 10W, but maybe the look is more important!

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